Sell Your Auto

Sell Your Auto


How It Works

Trade-in or sell your vehicle to Electric Auto Group in just a few easy steps.

Sell us your electric vehicle - Step #1

Get Your Offer

Share a few details about your vehicle and receive a real offer in minutes. No haggling or hassles.

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Trade In Or Sell

Trade in your old vehicle for a new one, or sell it to Electric Auto Group.

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Get Paid

We’ll promptly and quickly review your vehicle on-site and get you paid on the spot.

Why Waste Your Time Trying to Sell Your Car Yourself?

Who wants to go through all the hassle of posting your car on Craigslist or taking out an add in Auto Trader? Do you really want to waste your time with potential buyers you have to schedule your life around or people trying to rip you off? We make selling your car fast and easy so you can get on with your life. Our experts can get you the best deal on your car. The choice is simple. Once you fill out an appraisal form, we will look at your car and give you the highest possible price.

Once you accept, we do all the paperwork and pay you on the spot. You can walk away with cash in your hand, not spend weeks haggling with people! Do you want to trade in your car? No problem. We have hundreds of the highest-quality pre-owned cars on our lot. We will work with you to get you the best deal on a trade-in. Fill out the form above to find out just how easy it is to turn your car into cash!

Selling your car to Electric Auto Group is easy. Bring us your car, and our experienced Buyers will carefully assess your car's condition, inside and out. The appraisal process takes 5-10 minutes and we will give you a free written appraisal good for 48 hours. If you have questions about the appraisal of your vehicle, speak with the Buyer who conducted the appraisal. Our Buyers are trained to explain the appraisal process, including what they looked for and what impacted your offer.

It is recommended you make an appointment for a free appraisal from our easy form above. This will save you waiting time and get you in and out quickly. Our appraisers are generally available Monday thru Saturday 10-6pm.

Our car appraisers put your car through a detailed process, ensuring you get a fair and honest offer. The process in determining your offer includes a physical inspection of your car. Since every car is different, our appraisers focus on:

  • The year, mileage, make, and model of your car
  • Interior/Exterior conditions
  • Aftermarket modifications
  • Structural damage
  • A test drive for mechanical issues
Using multiple sources of data, appraisers also check general factors that affect any car of similar make and model. Your car is compared against current and accurate market conditions, such as national sales trends and auction data. At Electric Auto Group, we don't resell frame or flood-damaged vehicles to our customers. These vehicles are sold at auction.

We want you to have a great experience when you come to visit us. Where else can you drive in your car and leave with money in hand on the same day? Simply bring your car, the title, and identification. We also ask for any and all keys to the car as well as books, manuals, repair records, or receipts. If you have a leased car, please bring your contract. It is our goal to get you in, appraised, and on your way with cash in hand quickly. Stop wasting any more time trying to sell your car yourself - leave it to the experts! Come down and visit us today. We hope to do business with you soon.

We buy any car even if the loans or leases are not paid up. We will help you with your paperwork we will call your finance company to determine your balance. A bank check may be issued to you for the difference. If there is negative equity, we'll calculate the difference between your pay-off and our offer to you. We'll accept a cashier's check or certified check for the amount you owe and then pay off the finance company. We will work with the lender to get a deal for you to get you the lowest buy out price. In most cases, you can trade in your leased vehicle in almost the same way as any other financed vehicle. We will also work with you to trade in you leased vehicle for one of our high-quality cars. All you have to pay is the difference. Come down and see what our experts can do for you!